How to determine the sex of my rabbit?

Having a new bunny is very exciting, but even choosing a name can depend on if your new pal is a boy (buck) or a doe (girl). Here we will guide you thru the process of learning how to check which sex you have – be it with newborns or older rabbits alike, we’re here to help.

Every rabbit owner wants, and potentially needs to know if their bunny is a buck (male) or doe (female).  This is one of the first questions that is always asked, and rightfully so, even if for no other reason than not wanting to name your new friend “Fluffy” when it should be “Fred”.

Knowing the sex of your rabbit is not hard to discover tho, especially if the rabbit is older than 3+ months old.  Simply turn her over onto her back and look at the genitals.  Using your fingers, move the fur out of the way, and spread the genital area apart.  If you have a buck, the “boy parts” will protrude and will have a small circle at the end of it.  Furthermore, with bucks, the testicles will appear by the time they are usually 5 months old, so that is a dead give-away as well. If you have a doe, the area that protrudes will have a little bit of an upside down tear drop shape, with a line down the center.

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This is what the genitals of a Doe look like!

This is what the genitals of a Doe look like!

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