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Update 10th March 2020, there is an technical issue with our breeders directory, we are trying to resolve it. Sorry!

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Why did we build the directory?

Our main purpose at RabbitPedia is to offer the most information available, in one location, to help each and every person learn about housing, daily care, grooming, health care, breeding, showing, proper diet, descriptions of individual rabbit breeds, and many other aspects involved in owning and raising rabbits.

However, our site would not be complete by merely giving you an idea of how to find your perfect rabbit without also offering a way for you to find the best breeders. For this reason, we are offering a very detailed listing of rabbit breeders, not only from one country, but from all over the world. All you have to do is click on the desired breed, and then you’ll be able to connect with those nearest to your location.