Rabbit Breeds from A to Z

So – you’re interested in rabbits? That’s great! Did you know there are more than 60 domestic rabbit breeds? We have listed the most popular breeds within the United States and U.K. You can use the pictures below to navigate to our breed articles or simply keep scrolling for more info!  

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There are 60+ Pet Rabbit Breeds!

Rabbits are wonderful and intelligent animals, but with more than 60 breeds of them in existence, we understand that narrowing down the vast amount of choices that are available is very important.  For instance, if you are interested in a giant snuggly lop-eared rabbit, you should have a basic understanding of the differences between various breeds of rabbits that have lopped ear carriage, such as the French Lop and English Lop.

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After all, each and every single breed is different in size, what they require, and in what their personalities are. Or maybe you find yourself drawn to large rabbits, but aren’t fond of the lopped ears, so a Flemish Giant may be more fitting for your taste. For these reasons, we are here to help!

rabbit breeds

In the following pages of this section, we will explain the some of the distinct traits in the most popular rabbit breeds. Furthermore, we’ll give you information in regard to learning what is considered show-quality traits in each of these rabbit breeds.  We will go over tips regarding which ones make the best pets for small children, such as the Holland Lop.  As well, we will cover which ones require the most amount of space, such as a Continental Giant; which ones are most timid, as is the Polish rabbit or the Netherland Dwarf, and which breeds require more grooming, like a Lionhead rabbit

If specifically marked fur patterns catch your eye, perhaps you would be interested in a Dutch rabbit.  Another option may be a rabbit with fur that is velvety-soft.  In that case, a Mini-Rex breed would be right up your alley.

Top 15 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds

Here is a list of the most popular pet rabbit breeds, all of these breeds are perfectly suitable as pets for children!

  1. Lionhead Rabbit

  2. lionhead rabbit
    The Lionhead Rabbit is an increasingly popular breed which can be identified by an outstanding and unique mane of fur around their neck, resembling that of a lion’s mane, henceforth being how the breed name was established. These curiously cute bunnies are available in a wide range of color, and average about 3.75lbs. Their personality makes them a great choice as a pet, or as a show animal. In need for more information? Check out our in-depth article and learn why lionhead rabbits are great pets!

  3. Flemish Giant

  4. flemish giant rabbit
    Flemish Giants are notoriously one of the oldest, calmest, and largest breed of rabbit in existence. They typically weigh as large as +16lbs, and are available in 7 standard colors. Due to their easy-going, laid-back personalities, they are a considered as a favorite breed to have as a pet. They are dually popular in the show arenas. See our in-depth article and learn why these friendly giants are a beloved breed!

  5. Holland Lop

  6. holland lop rabbit
    Holland Lop rabbits are a small breed that have a short, stocky and almost boxy body type, somewhat resembling that of a Bulldog. They have short, lopped ears and a pronounced tuft of fur on top of their heads. The average weight of this breed is typically plus or minus that of 3.5lbs. They are available in a wide variety of colors. Due to their size and personalities, Holland Lops are very popular as show and pet rabbits. Learn why holland lops are considered to be the cutest rabbit pets!

  7. Continental Giant

  8. continental giant steel doe
    Continental Giants vary in specific type and body-style, according to each one’s country of origin. Collectively, however, they are the largest breed in existence and can generally be found to weigh on the average of 18 – 22lbs. They are also notorious for having very large, erect ears. Continental Giants are available in various colors, but there is a standard of 8 base colors. They are exceptionally intelligent and thrive best with high amounts of human interaction. As such, they are highly desired as pets, and their popularity is growing in the show circuits as well. Check out our article about this large eared giant!

  9. Netherland Dwarf

  10. netherland dwarf rabbit
    Netherland Dwarf’s are a small, highly energetic breed of rabbit. They generally weigh around 2.5lbs, and they have short erect ears and can be found in many colors. Being as small as they are, and with such high energy levels, it is common for them to exhibit aggression. If choosing a Netherland Dwarf as a pet or for show purposes, it is suggested to choose wisely, especially if the bunny is intended for a child. Get to know more about Netherland dwarf bunnies!

  11. Dutch Rabbit

  12. dutch rabbit brown white
    Dutch rabbits are identifiable by their uniquely specific combined colors of white plus another base-color, in an exact pattern of markings. They are approximately 4lbs in weight, with short, compact bodies, and short erect ears. Generally speaking, they are a docile breed, which makes them a good choice as a pet. They are common, also, in the rabbit show arenas. Learn more about Dutch rabbits!

  13. English Lop

  14. English lop
    English Lops are a large breed which is instantly noticed for their excessively long, lopped ears, which are an average length of 21-32 inches from tip to tip. These calm, easy-natured bunnies are typically around 12lbs in weight, and are readily available in multiple colors. Most owners of English Lops choose to show them, however they are well suited as nice pets. Interested? Make sure to read our in-depth article about English lops!

  15. French Lop

  16. french lop
    French Lops are a medium, or commercial sized breed of rabbit which is highly prized for their sweet, calm, intelligent characteristics. They have a boxy-style head, with lopped ears. Frenchies, as they are often referred to as, tend to weigh around +14lbs. There are quite a few colors to choose from with this breed, and they are generally an excellent choice as a pet, and for showing purposes. Get to know more about these cute frenchies!

  17. Mini Rex

  18. mini rex rabbit
    Mini Rex rabbits are a small, compact breed, commonly known by the velvety texture of soft fur. Most are calm and good natured, although that is not always the case, so caution should be used when choosing one of this breed as a child’s pet, for if a child will be showing the bunny. They are relatively easy to house, as their weight is in the ballpark of 4.5 lbs. Discover our in-depth article about the Mini Rex breed!

  19. Polish Rabbit

  20. polish rabbit
    Polish rabbits are known for their small size and average weight of 2-3lbs, which makes them an excellent choice if having limited space is an issue. They have been nicknamed the “Aristocrat” of the rabbit world, and are available in 7 standard base colors. These bunnies typically have a peaceful and friendly disposition, making them one of the more favored breeds for children to have a pet and for showing. Check out our article with detailed information about the Polish breed!

  21. American Rabbit

  22. american blue rabbit
    The American Standard rabbit is officially a rare breed of rabbit. Due to this, they are a difficult breed to acquire. They were formerly named the “German Blue Vienna”, later renamed as the “American Blue”, and now, with the latest name of The American Standard. They are only available in white and blue. Additionally, this is a large, sturdy breed; having the average weight of 10-12lbs. They are good-natured, calm bunnies which make a nice choice for beginner-owners as well as for the more experienced owners. Get to know more about this American rabbit breed!

  23. Beveren Rabbit

  24. beveren rabbit
    The Beveren is a highly energetic & curious breed, yet they are known as gentle and docile. They are a good choice as a pet or show animal for older children & adults alike. They can be found in red, white, or blue colors. Due to their medium size, weighing up to 12lbs, they require ample space as living conditions. Learn why beveren rabbits make great pets!

  25. Californian Rabbit

  26. californian rabbit
    The Californian rabbit is a commercial breed, which are primarily known for showing and meat production. They are easily identified by having white bodies & color-markings on the ears, nose, tail, and feet. These bunnies typically weigh 10-12lbs. They are docile and a popular breed, which makes them fairly easy to acquire. Get to know more about this large white californian giant!

  27. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

  28. american fuzzy lop
    American Fuzzy Lops, or “Fuzzies” as they are commonly referred to as, are quite the social-butterflies of the rabbit world. They’re active, curious, and playful. These qualities make them great pets, but a warning comes with this breed. As their name suggests, they have a longer, wooly type fur which must be groomed on a strictly regular schedule to prevent severe matting. They are readily available in a variety of colors. Otherwise, they are small, with short lopped ears, and they easily-kept; weighing an average of 3.5lbs. They are also a good choice to have for the show-rings. See our in-depth article about american fuzzies!

  29. American Sable Rabbit

  30. american sable rabbit
    The American Sable is a beautiful sable- colored breed, available in two varieties. They are social, friendly, and energetic bunnies. Being medium sized, about 8-9lbs, “Sables” are easy to care for, keep, and raise for showing, as well as for having as a pet. Read more about american sable rabbits!

Are you looking for a full list of rabbit breeds? Or do you want to know what breeds exist?

Full list of 60 Rabbit Breeds

  • Lionhead Rabbit
  • Flemish Giant
  • Continental Giant
  • Dutch Rabbit
  • English Lop
  • French Lop
  • Holland Lop
  • Mini Rex
  • Netherland dwarf
  • Polish Rabbit
  • American
  • American Fuzzy Lop
  • American Sable
  • Argente Brun
  • Argente Crème
  • Argente de Champagne
  • Belgian Hare
  • Beveren
  • Blanc de Hotot
  • Britannia Petite
  • Californian
  • Checkered Giant
  • Chinchilla (Standard)
  • Chinchilla (American)
  • Chinchilla (Giant)
  • Cinnamon
  • Dwarf Hotot
  • Dwarf Lop (Mini Lop in USA)
  • English Angora
  • English Spot
  • Florida White
  • French Angora
  • Giant Angora
  • Giant Papillon
  • Harlequin
  • Havana
  • Himalayan
  • Jersey Wooly
  • Lilac
  • New Zealand
  • Palomino
  • Rex (Standard)
  • Rhinelander
  • Satin
  • Satin Angora
  • Silver
  • Silver Fox
  • Silver Marten
  • Tan
  • Thrianta
  • Velveteen Lop

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