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RabbitPedia is an all-in-one website that is offering vast amounts of rabbit information and user-friendly visitor interaction. Our site-writers are carefully selected individuals who possess years of personal experience and knowledge pertaining to every stage and process of caring for, raising, and breeding rabbits.

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Some RabbitPedia stats..


We launched in 2015 and since then we have had more than 2.253.728 visitors (1st of July, 2019) and over 3.5 million pageviews, this makes RabbitPedia one of the most visited rabbit blogs. 80% of our audience lives in the United States of America and around 9% in the United Kingdom but we are also gaining popularity within countries such as Canada, Australia & India.

What we want to achieve

Our main goal is to educate and answer questions of every form and topic related to rabbits. Due to this fact, this site will continually be growing and changing because we understand the priceless value that can only be gained thru the sharing of information that has been gathered by many people who have, literally, ‘been there and done that.’

As always, we encourage our readers to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or concerns that may arise.

What we already achieved:

– #1 result for “Rabbit Breeds” in Google
– Top positions individual breed articles!
– We created a cool breeders directory that has a unique map.

The following high authority websites have cited our articles;

wikipedia.org, newsday.com, wikihow.com, ksat.com, insideedition.com, cbs8.com and msn.com

Some of our popular pages:

Rabbit Breeds from A to Z
Holland Lop rabbits, how to care?
A list of 5000+ Bunny Names
The Ultimate what do rabbits eat guide

Who we are

RabbitPedia is a network of people that have a passion for bunnies! Our various site writers are experienced owners and / or breeders that like to share knowledge with others.

Eva, writer

Eva is our head writer and she has a ton of experience with bunnies! Her favorite rabbit breed is the continental giant!

Melissa, writer

Melissa ocassionaly writes articles and assists Eva with tuning our content. Melissa owns multiple rabbits, her favorite breed is the lionhead rabbit.

Roy, website & tech

Roy keeps our website online and helps with creating / designing new pages. His personal favorite breed is the holland lop.


Would you like to share your knowledge with our visitors? We are always looking for more site writers so feel free to reach out. Please note that we are all volunteers!

Where are we located?
Our website is hosted at Chicago (USA) Siteground, a leading hosting company that offers both speed, quality and security. But we operate from all over the world. We also refer to our Privacy Policy /Disclaimer for more information.

Contact us

Questions? We are always happpy to help you with anything that is related to rabbits! Please use one of the options shown below.

Send a message to our Facebook page, or Instragram profile, or our Twitter

Or if you prefer to send us an e-mail you can reach out to rabbitpedia (at) gmail.com and we will do our best to reply within 1-2 days.

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Rabbit Breeds from A-Z

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Rabbit Breeders

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What do rabbits eat?

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