Why should my Rabbit eat Hay?

“If you feed it, it will grow!” But what happens if you aren’t feeding the right things? One of the most important things to feed rabbits is hay. Be sure to read this article to discover why its so important and how often you should give it to your bunny.
rabbit eats hay

Feeding hay to your rabbit(s) is one of the most important things to do.  The reason is because, while they do require the other nutrients that are offered in pellets, hay will provide the protein and fiber that is lacking in the grains that they eat.  Fiber and protein contents are very important because, when given consistently, they regulate the entire GI Tract.  Without this, they can easily develop multiple, deadly health problems – including but not limited to GI Statis and Mucoid Enteritis, which is more commonly known as “bloat”.   Understanding the amount of protein and fiber in the pellets that you feed will give you the answer as to what type of hay that your rabbit needs.  For instance, if the pellets you use has a low protein/fiber amount, then you may want to consider choosing Alph-alpha / Timothy Mix Hay.


If your pellets include a moderate amount of each, as such is the case with most common high-quality feeds, then straight Timothy Hay will be best for your rabbit.  But, if your feed has high protein/fiber content, then you should only feed them Orchard Grass Hay.  Additionally, being what should be one of the most important parts of your bunny’s diet – Hay should be given in consistent amounts, at consistent times.  The best way to make sure you’re providing enough to fulfill the rabbits’ nutritional needs is to offer them 1-2 handfuls of hay, every day.  For best results, make sure to put the hay in a feed dish or hay rack, rather than just tossing it onto the cage-floor, where it can be soiled & wet on, which then would make it unfit for them to eat.

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