How to groom your Rabbit?

Grooming rabbits is a simple thing to do, but did you realize that grooming also helps to keep your rabbit healthy? Continue reading to find out how grooming might even safe your little furry friends life.

Just as it is with humans, every rabbit has grooming needs.  Some may require more than others, though, depending on which breed you own.  Grooming not only keeps your bunnies looking good, it helps them to maintain a healthy life and it provides you and your rabbit with a good reason for spending a little extra time together. Grooming begins when the bunny is first born.  Its mom will begin cleaning it from the minute it is born and as it matures, those duties are passed on to you.

For most breeds, grooming should be done on the average of once per week.  You will need to sit your furry friend on a solid, sturdy surface.  Once he is comfortable there, begin with your hands.  Always do an initial basic exam as your first step to grooming.  This not only will alert you to any possible injuries or health concerns, but it will also show you what areas need to most attention – for such things as fur mites or tangled fur to nails and dental problems.

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Grooming a bunny

Grooming a bunny

Provided there are no health problems going on, rub your hand over the rabbit to remove any loose fur.  Follow through with lightly brushing him, working from head to tail, then down each side in the same manner.  Next, flip your pal over into a secure position onto his back.  If nails are a bit long, trim those with pet-trimmers in the same way you would trim your own nails; being cautious to not cut too low, which would result in the veins being clipped, causing him to bleed.  After his nails are clipped, sit him back up and, for good measure, double check his appearance to be sure that you didn’t miss any matted fur.  This is also the time that, if fur or ear mites were noticed, that you would treat those as well.

Grooming tool

Grooming tool

If you have a wool-breed of rabbit, such as an Angora – please note, that grooming will have to be on a much more consistent basis to prevent tangles and matting.

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