Pasteurella – Snuffles

*Extremely contagious & spreads very quickly – Respiratory Infection.

What causes pasteurella?

Respiratory infection that is similar to the human form of pneumonia. It is easily spread by contact of contaminated surfaces, hands, and clothing.

What are the symptoms of pasteurella?

Sneezing with discharge from the nose &/or eyes, fur around the nose, eyes, on the inside-sides of front paws will also be wet &/or matted.

What are the medicinal treatments for pasteurella?

Some vets may offer treatments, but there are no known cures. Due to it being so highly contagious, euthanasia is commonly recommended.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for pasteurella?

There are no known cures – complete isolation and quarantine are required. Euthanasia is commonly recommended.

How can pasteurella be prevented?

Good sanitation and proper ventilation is the best preventative …. vaccinate with “BunnyVac” per instructions given with product – however some have reported this to have caused minor abscesses around injection site in some cases (however, no proof of this is known at this time).

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