BunnyVac, the vaccine against Pasteurella!

Pan American Vet Labs developed the Pasteurella vaccine (BunnyVac) to use in their own research rabbit colony after a devastating Pasteurella (“Snuffles”) outbreak. The vaccine worked so well that they decided to register it with USDA and market to Rabbit breeders. BunnyVac is manufactured for them by Colorado Serum Company who manufactures many veterinary vaccines and biological products.

Frequently asked questions about BunnyVac

Please note that the following information was provided by Bob Glass from Pan American Vet Labs. We asked him to provide some important background information about the vaccine.

How old should your rabbits be before they can be vaccinated?

We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks old, but rabbits can be vaccinated earlier in special circumstances such as a known exposure to sick rabbits.

How long does the Vaccine work?

Studies have not been done to know how long the rabbit is protected after vaccination but based on Pasteurella vaccines in other species a minimum of 1 year protection is expected. That is reason we recommend annual boosters.

Are there any side effects from the vaccine?

Approximately 10% (this varies from herd to herd) will develop a vaccine reaction (small knot) at the injection site. Of those that develop this reaction 90% will clear without intervention in a week or two. Those that don’t clear in that time can be pricked with sterile needle and the contents express. The will then clear completely.

Can you vaccinate pregnant rabbits?

Yes, BunnyVac is safe for pregnant and nursing does.

Where to buy BunnyVac?

BunnyVac is available for online purchase at www.pavlab.com

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