How to trim a Rabbits teeth

Join us as we discuss dental conditions and what to do about them. Do you know how to tell if your bunny has malocclusion? We will walk thru the steps of treatments and ways to care for this problem in the following article.
rabbit teeth

Clipping rabbit’s teeth should not be taken lightly. First and foremost, before you consider clipping teeth, you should be absolutely sure that it needs done. If it is required, it is recommended to have a Vet do the job.

Does you rabbit has malocclusion?

If your bunny has Malocclusion, aka wolf-teeth or bad teeth, the very first thing you need to be aware of is this: unless this problem was undoubtedly caused by injury, you need to make certain this rabbit is never used for breeding. Malocclusion is hereditary! It will pass down to the kits that are produced from that rabbit, and will continue being passed along throughout generation after generation after generation.

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Items you need

Bad teeth will require being cut on the average of every 6 weeks. If taking the bunny to a vet for this is not possible, you can do clippings yourself. This the list of items you will need: (a) very small, sharp wire cutters (b) towel (c – optional) sit-tight paste. This is a cream that is infused with chamomile, and is for the purpose of helping the rabbit be calm (please follow directions for doses on the tube). Clipping teeth is a very stressful treatment to rabbits, and it must be done very carefully to prevent cracking the entire tooth, breaking the tooth in half, cutting too short, cutting the lip or tongue, or even being bitten yourself.

DIY Teeth Clipping

First, wrap your bunny in a towel to secure his feet. Lay him on his back, firmly and securely. With one hand, place your fingers on either sides of his mouth, just behind the front teeth, and force his mouth open. The teeth will need to be separated so there is enough space to fit the wire cutters around each tooth, taking extra caution to stay away from lips and tongue. Then, place the wire cutters in position to cut only a small amount of the tooth off at a time… you must go slow and easy. Make absolutely sure you don’t cut the teeth too short, and that the edges of the teeth are even and smooth to prevent injury to tongue, gums, and lips.

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