How do I make my Rabbit molt?

For those involved in showing their rabbits, sometimes they will want to make sure that a certain rabbits fur coat is as beautiful and well-polished as possible. In this article we will help guide you through steps to make sure that fur quality is at its best in time for a big show.

Forcing a molt on any rabbit is only something that someone with experience should attempt to do. While it generally is a safe process, it could prove to result in gut mobility or other problems. Also, the only reason that would really justify forcing a molt would be if you are heavily involved in showing your bunny and, for instance, during the peak of show season or if there is a big show coming up at the time molting is expected to occur, then some exhibitors may opt to force a molt early, so that their show-pal will be in better condition at the time of the show. This obviously requires a bit of pre-calculation, in knowing how long that particular rabbit tends to stay in molt, and how badly this molting tends to be.

Assuming that you fit the description above, and you have done the calculations with dates and such, then there is one sure way to force a rabbit into molt. Feed him heat-inducing products, such as sweet-feed. The average time-frame for beginning this process will be in the range of two weeks prior to the date of the big show; however this can vary, depending on each individual rabbit’s chemical reaction to these feed items, and the degree and length of his typical molt.

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