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One of the most important questions to ask yourself when you are considering getting a rabbit is “What do rabbits need to eat?” Even though this may appear, to some, to be a relatively simple question, without proper nutrition, the rabbit will not be healthy, and it will likely not survive very long.

After all, bunnies can not live by carrots, alone. They require a good bit more than that. We are here to help you answer this question, and many more. We will discuss the basics of diet needs, suggested treats, and rabbit-safe, healthy veggies and fruits.

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What to feed your rabbit?

Proper diet goes a long way when it comes to providing your rabbit with the vitamins and and nutrients that are required to have a healthy life. The best recipe to follow is a regular supply of hay, pellets, fresh water, and occasional treats will help your bunny to he as healthy as possible. As you continue reading, you’ll find lots of information available on what is best, safe, and needed to be fed to your pet rabbit.


Alfalfa and alfalfa-timothy mix, as well as timothy, grass and grain varieties of hay, can be given to adult rabbits. However, alfalfa and alfafa mix varities should be limited due to the high calorie content, which could cause adult bunnies to become over-weight; resulting in an un-healthy bunny. Always be sure that any hay is fresh, clean, and mold-free.

rabbit eating hay

Hay is the most important part of their diet!

It is important to provide hay to your rabbits because it is a great source of raw, natural fiber which is vital for healthy digestion. Additionally, chewing hay helps promote healthy growth with teeth.

It should also be noted that when providing your bunny with hay, you need to ‘hang’ the hay off of the ground. Otherwise, the hay might get wet and soiled with urine and feces. Once it becomes contaminated in that manner, it can cause your rabbit to have GI Tract issues.

So remember, keep it off the cage-floor. It’s best to be safe, rather than sorry, and your pal will greatly appreciate it. Some rabbit owners will place hay-racks near liter-pans also, as doing so can help to encourage liter-box training.

See our article about choosing the best hay for your bunny!

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