Wry Neck

Rabbits head will be physically turned/twisted to the side.

What causes wry neck?

Can be due do inner ear infection, parasitic infestation, tumor, stroke, or injury.

What are the symptoms of wry neck?

*deadly if not treated; head will be turned to one side, which will become worse if untreated … rabbit will not be able to eat or drink, will not be able to stand, and may roll onto its side when it attempts to move, one eye will often be turned downwards & unable to close.

What are the medicinal treatments for wry neck?

Exact treatment will depend on the exact cause of the problem; treatment will likely be difficult and lengthy … euthanasia may be required.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for wry neck?

Euthanasia is generally required.

How can wry neck be prevented?

Preventative measures may vary depending on exact cause of the problem.

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