Wool Block

Intestinal blockage due to fur consumption

What causes wool block?

Most common during heavy molt; rabbits swallow lots of fur due to self-grooming, causing a blockage in the gi tract.

What are the symptoms of wool block?

Lack of appetite, lethargy, fecal droppings will appear as several droppings ‘lines together’ (comparable to a string of pearls), and there will be an inability to defecate in more severe cases.

What are the medicinal treatments for wool block?

Treatment is by products similar to cat hair-ball remedy, in very severe cases surgery may be suggested.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for wool block?

Remove all pellets, push hay, oats, papaya, pineapple, plantain, dandelion, celery, Critical-Care Formula, borage, grass, oats, parsley, and raspberry leaves/twigs may be given to aid gut mobility… infant gas drops, birch bark, and chamomile may be offered for pain relief.

How can wool block be prevented?

Feed a consistent high fiber diet, groom regularly – and more often during molting, offer papaya and/or pineapple and bananas in moderation as occasional treats.

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