Mucoid Enteritis

Inflammation of stomach and intestinal lining.

What causes mucoid enteritis?

Often caused by various forms of stress, lack of or low fiber, excessive levels of proteins or carbs, and the improper introductions of new food products.

What are the symptoms of mucoid enteritis?

*death is typical within 72 hours…* effects young kits or those in the weaning process. Bloated stomach, build-up of gas in stomach, very painful, refusal to eat or drink, dehydration, severe diarrhea with gel-type mucous, may grind teeth &/or squeal from the pain.

What are the medicinal treatments for mucoid enteritis?

Sub-Q Fluid Hydration, enema may be given, Vet may Ciproflaxin @ 20mg per 12 hour intervals, orally. Cholestyramine may be prescribed to bind toxins, and Probiotics may be suggested to help restore flora in the gut.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for mucoid enteritis?

Push oral and Sub-Q Fluids, in addition to other forms of hydration, such as mineral oil laxative, given orally. Entice eating with beep pulp shreds, hay & oats. Orally syringe (if rabbit will not drink on its own) a mixture of a probiotic & water. Give Infant Colic/Gas Relief drops as well as Stomach massage helps relieve pain, as does keeping the rabbit warm (if skin temp in ear feels cold/clammy, this is a sign of shock. It is VITAL to keep rabbit hydrated! … also offer grass, grape leafs, fennel, licorice (anise), plantain, thyme, and blackberry to increase appetite and relieve bloating, gas, and diarrhea … give birch and chamomile for pain relief.

How can mucoid enteritis be prevented?

Avoid as much stress as possible; do not offer any treat or new food until they are 16+ weeks of age (then do so slowly). Offer unlimited amount of high fiber-hay (such as Alfalfa, or other supplemented with Beet Pulp Shreds) and willow tree leafs and twigs ….as a preventative: at 4weeks of age, for 10 days, give them antibiotic “Chloretetrycline Hydrochloride” – aka “Water Soluble Aureomycin”- (1tsp per gallon water). This can also be given to pregnant does, a week before delivery due date, via mixing in drinking water.

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