Malocclusion (Wolf Teeth)

Misalignment of teeth.

What causes malocclusion?

Due to injury or genetic problems.

What are the symptoms of malocclusion?

Front teeth (top or bottom) over over-grown &/or split, rabbit becomes unable to eat.

What are the medicinal treatments for malocclusion?

Dental floatation, filing or clipping of teeth; may become necessary to extract teeth (only to be done by surgical removal by a vet).

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What are the homeopathic treatments for malocclusion?

Very carefully and slowly file down / clip teeth (usually has to be done every 4-6wks).

How can malocclusion be prevented?

Do not use in any breeding programs, ever! … provide fresh, clean hay, wood blocks &/or twigs from rabbit-safe trees (birch, pine, fruit, willow) for chewing purposes to help maintain good dental health.

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