GI Stasis

Intestinal Blockage quickly becomes fatal.

What are the symptoms of GI Stasis?

Very small or no fecal pellets with possible presence of clear or yellowish colored mucous, bloated stomach, may hear loud gurgling sounds in stomach or complete silence (absence of normal gut sounds).

What are the medicinal treatments for GI Stasis?

Sub-Q Hydration or Intravenous therapy; possible enema *only with well lubricated rubber tipped syringe (such as Infant Ear Bulb Syringe) – mix well -2TBSP of luke-warm water & 3 drops of unscented, laxative grade mineral oil – administer 1TBSP per 5lb body weight, lay rabbit on his back, place lubed tip *no further than ½” into anus, slowly and gently empty correct dosage amount, hold rabbit in place for no less than 30 seconds, then with hand under rabbit’s belly, lift the rear end up slightly to allow fluid to travel into the gi tract… if impaction is rock-hard, give same dosage orally instead of rectally.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for GI Stasis?

Oral Laxative, per above noted instructions… push oral &/or subQ fluids, offer hay, oats, kale, dill, cilantro, raspberry leafs, parsley, & celery in help gut mobility and increase appetite –fennel & licorice (anise), and infant gas/colic drops may be given for relief of bloating ; also may offer crushed papaya tablets (mixed with water and given by oral syringe), birch & chamomile for pain relief, also manual (gentle) stomach massage may help ease pain and loosen impaction.

How can GI Stasis be prevented?

Feed a consistent, fresh high fiber diet and avoid stressful causing situations.

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