Fly Strike (Myiasis)

Insects lay eggs on damp/wet, soiled, or infectious skin, the eggs hatch and feed on the rabbit.

What causes fly strike?

Damp/wet, soiled, or infection on skin attracts flies, which then lay eggs in those areas.

What are the symptoms of fly strike?

Visual appearance of larvae and/or insects.

What are the medicinal treatments for fly strike?

Clip fur away, individually remove each egg and insect, treat with Pen-G for infection, Vet may offer Metacam or Reglan for pain.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for fly strike?

1-fur must be clipped away & each larvae must be carefully & individually removed via tweezers; area must be cleaned with sterile saline solution & then an iodine solution … injection of Ivermectin (.4mg) … injection of Pen-G, Warm water & raw unfiltered ACV soaks / compresses will draw insects out as well as work as an external antibiotic … CLOSELY MONITOR and treat daily as needed …. Offer birch bark and chamomile for pain relief.

How can fly strike be prevented?

Keep rabbit and cage clean and dry, and always immediately treat any infections, sores, cuts, or other problems immediately.

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