Cuts and wounds

Description: a physical cut or open wound

What causes cuts?

Cuts/wounds are due to injury or result of being attacked.

What are the symptoms of cuts or wounds?

Visual appearance of sores, cuts, or wounds.

What are the medicinal treatments for cuts or wounds ?

Depending on the severity of injury, a vet may administer an antibiotic topically and/or orally, and may put in stitches if the wound is large or deep.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for cuts or wounds?

Clean area with Peroxide/Water solution, apply triple antibiotic ointment and / or Silver Sulfonamide Cream daily, until healing occurs…. Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in water (1TB per gal) and Enchinacea can be given as antibiotic, Birch & Willow twigs and leaf’s may be given for pain relief.

How can cuts or wounds be prevented?

keeping rabbit in hazard free location, safe from attacks of other animals (& rabbits), and keeping cage clean, dry, and clutter-free.

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