Internal Parasites that feeds off the host (rabbit)

What causes coccidia?

Parasitic infestation

What are the symptoms of coccidia?

*Quickly becomes fatal!! *Chance of survival is low!! * Highly Contagious!! *Effects all ages of rabbits. The rabbit becomes lethargic, stops eating and drinking, weight loss may be very rapid, eyes may appear to be sunken in, fur will look dull and lifeless, stomach will be noticeably swelled on both sides of the body, may have diarrhea (with or without mucous presence) or may have constipation, in late stages – rabbits are noted as “rocking” from side to side, with loss of mobility

What are the medicinal treatments for coccidia?

Vet diagnosis by Fecal Test… common treatment is Albon (oral suspension) but ASK FOR Ponazuril (aka “Marquis”) as it has a higher success rate of full eradication of parasites … also may offer Metacam for pain relief.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for coccidia?

*QUARANTINE & SANITIZE ALL SURFACES WITH AMONIA!! *IMMEDIATELY TREAT YOUR ENTIRE HERD with Toltrazuril 2.5% Oral Solution –available online without Vet Rx (trade-name Ponazuril / Marquis, which requires Vet Rx) – mix 5cc in gallon water, treat 5 days – skip 5 days – treat 5 days… if using as a treatment for known diagnosis, treat 21 days consecutively (safe for pregnant does, but not nursing does or new kits) …. Birch bark and Chamomile for pain relief… Borage & Mineral Oil can be used as a natural laxative … Blackberry, Thyme, and Plantain for diarrhea … Raspberry leaf’s & twigs, Pineapple, Oats, & Grass for gut mobility …. Fennel & Licorce (Anise), Plantain, for Bloated stomach / gas relief … and Garlic (very low doses), Pumpkin seed + Grapefruit seed extracts, Thyme, and Willow Tree leaf’s and twigs are all natural wormers.

How can coccidia be prevented?

Willow Tree twigs and leaves, Thyme, and Pumpkin seed + Grapefruit seed extracts can be used as preventatives…. Use caution when introducing new rabbits into your herd… keep all surfaces clean and dry… sanitize regularly with Amonia /water solution.

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