Did my Rabbit brake his leg?

In case of a broken leg, in most cases the bone in the back leg of your rabbit breaks.

What causes a broken leg?

Injury causing bone to become broken.

What are the symptoms of a broken leg?

Loss or limited use of leg, obvious signs of breakage – such as foot turns sideways, etc., signs of pain such as grinding teeth, or extreme aggression or irritation when injury is touched or moved.

What are the medicinal treatments for a broken leg?

Vet will do an x-ray to determine the degree of breakage, then may or may not suggest surgical repair, and/or splint.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for a broken leg ?

Place leg in natural position, wrap entire area with gauze, splint by place popsicle sticks all around the broken bone, wrap again in gauze, then secure all in place with self-sticking horse wrap or sports wrap (do not wrap too tightly, this could result in loss of blood flow to the area, results in a ‘dead limb’) …. *immobilize / severely limit rabbits ability to move – house in a carrier for 6-8weeks… do NOT move rabbit any more than absolutely necessary, & keep carrier clean! ….. Birch Bark and Chamomile can offer pain relief.

How could a broken leg be prevented?

Avoid all sudden – loud noises or other unusually stressful situations which would cause the rabbit to become over excited and twist or jump the wrong way, causing bone to break ….. also make sure if on a wire surface that the wire is not large enough for the rabbits foot to get snagged as he his hopping, resulting in a broken bone.

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