A swelled stomach.

What causes bloat ?

Not a disease but it is a symptom of various diseases – see Mucoid Enteritis, Bacterial Enteritis, GI Stasis, and Coccidia for more details.

What are the symptoms of bloat?

*quickly becomes fatal!! *Chance of survival is low!! rabbit becomes lethargic, stops eating and drinking, eyes may appear to be sunken in, fur will look dull and lifeless, stomach will be noticeably swelled on both sides of the body, may have diarrhea (with or without mucous presence) or may have constipation.

What are the medicinal treatments for bloat?

Sub-Q Hydration Therapy & Reglan for pain relief (requires Vet Rx).

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What are the homeopathic treatments for bloat?

Push *room temperature* fluids orally via syringe- mix of 3cc Probiotic, 3cc Electrolytes, 6-8 drops Infants Colic or Gas Drops into 6-10cc warm water, given 2-6x daily (up to 24cc per day), also try to get the rabbit to move around as much as possible, and offer as much gentle stomach massage as he will tolerate…. ALSO – Birch bark and Chamomile will relieve pain, Blackberry is for diarrhea, Dandelion, Celery, Dill, will increase appetite, Plantain aids in diarrhea as well as helps gas and regulates gut mobility – as will Fennel, Grass, Licorice (Anise), Oats, and Raspberry leaf’s and twigs.

How can bloat be prevented?

Offer unlimited, consistent daily amounts of high-fiber hay, do not introduce any new foods or treats and do not switch brands of feed for kits 3-14wks old, offer un-sprayed / non-chemically treated Willow Tree leaf’s and branches/twigs daily… wean kits slowly and properly …. Avoid any forms of stress-inducing situations – such as changing cages, loud noises, unfamiliar visitors, and travel.

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