Bladder Sludge

Thick urine, like a paste.

What causes bladder sludge?

Bacterial infection in the kidneys and/or bladder.

What are the symptoms of bladder sludge?

Rabbit may become lethargic and show signs of pain, the urine will be very thick, paste-like, and dries at the consistency of cake-batter. There may also be traces of blood in the urine.

What are the medicinal treatments for bladder sludge?

Requires Vet Treatment.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for bladder sludge?

Add raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar to water ( mix 1 TBS per gallon) as an antibacterial … Give Cranberries (1/4th cup of fresh or dried) as another antibacterial.

How can bladder sludge be prevented?

Make sure that all water dishes are kept clean, and fresh and clean water is always available.

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