Bacterial Enteritis

Inflammation of stomach and intestinal lining.

What causes bacterial enteritis?

Often caused by poor diet and intestinal blockage.

What are the symptoms of bacterial enteritis?

*can quickly become fatal…*low survival rate. Bloated stomach, build-up of gas in stomach, very painful, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dehydration, more common in weanlings beginning to eat pellets, droppings will be covered in jelly-like mucous, may grind teeth &/or squeal from the pain

What are the medicinal treatments for bacterial enteritis?

Sub-Q Fluid Hydration, enema may be given, Vet may prescribe Metacam or Reglan for pain … may also Treat with Biosol (for pigs/goats) or DriTail or human grade anti-diarrhea medicine (ie: pepto, Imodium) , infant gas-drops, probiotic.

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What are the homeopathic treatments for bacterial enteritis?

Remove all pellet feed, feed canned pumpkin, push fluids & Critical Care immediately – Sub-Q Fluids are best, in addition to other forms of hydration, such as enema. Infant Pedialyte, hay & oats; NutriCal (dogs/cats) may also be used … orally syringe (if rabbit will not drink on its own) a mixture of a probiotic & infants pedialyte or water. Give Infant Colic/Gas Relief drops – Pineapple juice may also help, or crush Papaya Supplements and mix into pumpkin, applesauce, or dissolve in warm water… also syringe probiotic mixed with canned 100% pumpkin … Stomach massage helps, as does keeping the rabbit warm (if skin temp in ear feels cold/clammy, this is a sign of shock). If possible, Nutri-drops, Critical Care, “Oxy-gen” PASTE form, Di-Methox (mixed @ 1tsp per gal – give 2cc per 5lb, orally by syringe for 10 days), It is VITAL to keep rabbit hydrated! … Offer hay and oats. Can also offer V8 Juice, Kale, Dill, Cilantro, and celery to entice eating … also offer grass, grape leafs, fennel, licorice (anise), plantain, thyme, and blackberry to increase appetite and relieve bloating, gas, and diarrhea … give birch and chamomile for pain relief.

How can bacterial enteritis be prevented?

Willow tree leafs and twigs, unlimited amount of hay with high fiber in diet ….as a preventative: at weanlings 4weeks of age, for 7 days, give them antibiotic “Chloretetrycline Hydrochloride” – aka “Water Soluble Aureomycin”- (1tsp per gallon water) and Di-Methox 2x year (1tsp per gal – 5 days on/10off/5on) or a 10day treatment, given by syringe @ 2cc per 5lb). This can also be given to pregnant does, a week before delivery due date, via mixing in drinking water.

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