A pocket or blister which is filled with thick white pus.

What causes abscesses?

Most typically, abscesses are caused by a bacterial infection, although they can be the result of bacterial build-up due to a viral infection as well.

What are the symptoms of abscesses?

Presence of a blister or lump which will be able to be felt and/or seen visually.

What are the medicinal treatments for abscesses?

Clean the area with peroxide or iodine solution. Drain the infection, as much as possible, clean the area again, then apply triple antibiotic ointment, then cover that with Blue-Kote or Silver Sulfonamide cream. If the abcess is bigger than the size of a dime, also treat with Sub-Q injections of Pen-G (Duramycin), or Oxytetracyline, at 1cc per 10lb body weight, given in the scruff of the shoulder, 1x daily for 3 days. If possible, also wrap the infected area with gauze and self-sticking horse-tape or sports-tape (bunny probably wont leave the wrap on long, but any protection again debris/dirt is better than none).

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What are the homeopathic treatments for abscesses?

Give Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (1 TB mixed in gallon of water) as an antibacterial / antiseptic – can also be used, diluted, as a topical antiseptic … Echinacea can also be given as an antibiotic (4 capsules emptied into a gallon of water, boil, and store it)….

How can abscesses be prevented?

Keep the rabbits pen and all his accessories clean and dry. Provide adequate solid surface-floors or resting mats to give your rabbits’ feet a break from being on wire all the time.

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