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For the convenience of our site visitors that are in search of purchasing a rabbit, or for those who have rabbits for sale, we encourage you to scroll through our user-interactive rabbit breeders directory, to get in contact with local breeders. To make your searching easier, we have listed all known breeds and more than 300+ breeders have joined our directory!

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For those wishing to advertise a rabbit for sale, please fill out the “add your rabbitry form

Furthermore, if you are a breeder, there is never a limit to the amount of ad’s that you may post, and there is no fee to post your rabbit(s) for sale on this page. However, once your posted rabbits are sold, we do request that delete the post as soon as possible.

[Please note: no rabbit, for any reason, will be posted for reservation or availability that is under 8 weeks of age, or otherwise fully weaned and healthy.]

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