How to show rabbits

Other than just having a great pet bunny, there are actual rabbit shows – where you can take your furry pal, and join many other rabbit owners, for some fun competition. As it is with dog or horse shows, rabbit shows are done on various levels; there are local, state, and national shows, as well as international ones.  Some of these shows are designed for youth, such as those at county fairs and mostly involve 4-H members.  Others are designed for adult (“open”) and youth classes.  The best part is that you don’t have to have any prior experience at all to join in on the fun!  And while it is free to attend these shows, there are small entry fees for competition; typically ranging around $2.50(USD) per rabbit being entered, per show.

In this section, we have covered information regarding how to find these show locations, the explanation of what the commonly used show-terms are and what they mean, what qualifications must be met for showing, and tips that will help you prepare for the shows.

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