Choosing the right type of housing, which best suits the needs for your rabbit(s), is as important as choosing the breed of rabbit that best suits your needs. First and foremost, location and size are vital aspects when considering all of the options that are available. This is true whether the rabbit will live indoors, outside in a hutch, or inside a barn or shed. Regardless of which would work best for your lifestyle, you must also remember that where-ever the cage/hutch will be placed, it must securely offer full protection, year round, from natural elements and from any other animals’ access.

The only true way to know what size your rabbit’s house will need to be will be dependent on what breed of rabbit(s) you have. For instance a dwarf breed will not require the amount of space that a Giant would need. Therefore, having a good basic guideline for cage-size will offer the general information you will need to know in order to provide housing that is well-suited for the size of your rabbit’s needs.

rabbit hutch

Example of a Rabbit Hutch

rabbit hutch with larger wires

another example of a hutch

rabbit pen

Example of a rabbit pen

indoor rabbit cage

Classic indoor rabbit cage

List of bunny names!