What to feed a rabbit?

Learn more about what you can feed your bunny!

Learn more about what you can feed your bunny!

Once you have chosen the breed of rabbit that is best for you and then you have provided the correct sized housing for that rabbit, next on the list is learning about the nutritional needs of your new pal. The plus-side of this is that all rabbits, regardless to breed, require the same general type of diet.  However, the frequency and amounts of feed and treats given will vary depending on the size of the rabbit.  The only thing complicated about this is learning how to tell the difference between high and low quality pellets, what types of treats are safe for them, what types of hay is best, and the amounts of protein and fiber required per breed/size.  Otherwise, the only problem that may arise is that some rabbits are more finicky eaters than others – for example, some may love fresh spinach while others won’t touch it.  Furthermore, for the convenience of our readers, we have even provided a list of safe plants, veggies, and fruit, as well as a “do not feed” list of items; as these items could cause serious health problems, including fatality.

The bottom line is that a healthy bunny is a happy bunny, and we want you to have the happiest bunny in the world.


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