How do I buy a rabbit?

Buying a rabbit involves more than window shopping at the local pet store. In fact, did you know that rabbits should never be bought on an impulse? Our experts have combined many tips to help you learn to do basic health checks, and what kinds of signs to watch for when deciding what rabbit to buy. Which rabbit is best for you?
rabbit breeder with rabbits

The first step that any person should make when deciding to bring a new animal into their life is to do research. It is important to have a realistic understanding of what is involved in relation to the animals housing, feeding, and care. In addition, it is equally important to know what the average life-expectancy is of that animal. With rabbits, there are a vast amount of different breeds to choose from. Therefore, we advise that the first place any person should begin their search is by going thru a Breed Directory. This will give you a first-glance at what each breed looks like as well as give you some basic information about those breeds. Take some time, look thru the pictures, and read the descriptions, and then pick out 2 to 3 breeds that are most appealing to you. For your convenience, we have included a list of breeds and information about them, on this site.

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The next step is to decide where to purchase the bunny from. You will want to buy from someone who has experience and knowledge about what they have. After all, the last thing you want is to pick out a rabbit, take it home, get attached to it, and within a short amount of time to discover it has died. Having no idea how old it is, when it was weaned from it mother, where it came from, and without knowing if there are any health related issues associated with that cute little furry new friend will most assuredly end up in disaster. For these reasons, we always suggest that rabbits should only be bought from Rabbit Breeders. They have the experience and knowledge to answer all of your questions, and they have invested an extensive amount of care, time, work, and money into raising the best rabbits possible. They typically know every detail of every rabbit that they have, and they want every rabbit they have to have the best possible life. Furthermore, we suggest that you choose 2 to 3 breeders that are nearest to your location, which offer the breed(s) that you’re most interested in. We also encourage you to check out the list of Rabbit Breeders, which are listed on this site, by geographical location.

group of rabbits eating

Colony of rabbits enjoying their meal

Once the above decisions have been made and you have located a few local rabbit breeders, it is time contact those you have sought out. Explain where you are from, what you are looking for, why you want it, and ask if they have anything available. After you have made a successful connection with a breeder, ask to schedule a visit with that person to see what rabbit(s) they have. Please take care to arrive at your scheduled time, be courteous and respectful – if you find that you will be running late or need to change days/times, let that person know in as much advance notice as possible. Otherwise, be prepared; be honest, don’t be afraid to ask questions, please remember to take the exact amount of cash for the agreed upon price, and take a transport-carrier with you. Rabbit breeders do not accept payment by checks; nor do they offer a cage or anything else to put your new bunny in so that you can take it home. In fact, if you don’t have something with you, a responsible breeder will not agree to allow the rabbit to leave with you at that time. This is not because they are being mean – but they have a lot invested in the rabbit, and they are highly concerned for his/her well-being; it is not safe for you or for the rabbit, for him/her to be running loose in a vehicle.

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